After 57 Years, "Paperboy" Retires

At 87, Mel Rulison is hardly a boy. Regardless, he's the best paperboy in Gloversville, New York and after 57-years of delivering the Leader-Herald, Mel is retiring. 

While it's impossible to know exactly how many copies Mel has delivered, it's expected to be more than 5-million. “I was not even born when he started,” circulation manager Brenda Anich says of Mel. “We appreciate all the years of service you gave us. You never let us down. We’re going to miss you.”

While Mel definitely takes the cake of most loyal employee, the "Leader-Herald" has a few very dedicated delivery men. Jerry Blowers is the next most senior member of the team, with 21-years of handing out papers.

Source: The Leader-Herald

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