Town Plans Last-Minute Wedding And Graduation

When Dr. Dan Harrahill got the news that he was probably not going to live long enough to see his daughter get married in May or his son graduate in June, his family and community came together to bring these ceremonies to him ASAP. The father of four and obstetrician touched many lives in St. Paul, Nebraska and they didn’t want him to miss these events in his kid’s lives before his death.

So his daughter Emilia and her fiancé Kyle Harshman decided to have their wedding early and at the hospital so her dad would be a part of it. Friends and family pitched in and planned the whole thing in hours, from flowers, to a musician, and even a caterer.

And while getting the wedding together for later that night, someone suggested they do a graduation for Dan’s son Noah as well. And in just a few hours, they had caps, gowns, a diploma, and a graduation program. There was even a small chorus from the school and speeches from the class valedictorian and salutatorian! Because the community cared for this doctor and dad so much, they brought these ceremonies to him in record time and his kids will cherish that forever.

Source: Yahoo

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