Is Garth Brooks Writing a Book?

Garth Brooks was back with yet another edition of his Facebook Live series “Inside Studio G," and he may have let the cat out of the bag about that big secret he’s been hinting at for weeks.

Garth has been teasing fans with some announcement that he can’t talk about just yet and this week he may have shared too much. When a fan asked him when we were going to see a book about his travels, Garth joked, “I’ve been telling you for the last two weeks, I can’t say anything about it.”

This week Garth also shared a great story about a girl who skipped her prom to go to his Champaign, Illinois show, and wound up with a prom picture with the superstar. He also talked about Trisha Yearwood and the Daytime Emmys noting that his wife looked “stunning” and “gorgeous.” Check out this week’s episode below

Source: Garth Brooks

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