She’s Graduating From College Before High School

Raven Osborne is graduating from college on May 5 and two weeks later she’ll graduate from high school. The 18-year-old goes to the 21st Century Charter High School in Gary, Indiana, where all students are required to take college classes on a college campus in order to graduate. She just made the most of it and earned her whole degree!

So how did she do it? With online classes, year-round community college and two years at Purdue University Northwest. Her semester-long classes there counted as a full year of high school courses.

It wasn’t always easy for this hard working teen. “Sophomore, that was the most work,” she says. “I had five high school classes and four college classes.” But she’s done now and she didn’t have to pay a dime for her college education.

Osborne is even returning to her high school next year, but this time, she’ll be a teacher, earning $38,000 a year, with no student loan debt. Now that’s impressive!

Source: CBS News

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