Chris Stapleton's Process For Picking Songs

Chris Stapleton just released his new album “From A Room: Volume 1” on Friday. While many of the songs may be new to fans, they are certainly not new to Chris.

Chris says all the songs on he album “pre-date the last record,” with some songs that were on the “short list” for “Traveller” but got cut for some reason. Chris actually picks songs based on what he’s in the “mood” to perform. He notes, “We very much followed the muse of the room and moment and trying to play songs that we wanted to play.”

Chris also released the new single “Either Way,” which he wrote over 10 years ago. While the tune is a really sad song, Chris notes, “My wife always loved that song,” adding, “She just loves really slow sad songs and she always wanted me to play that song.” 

  • ONE MORE THING! Chris fans will want to stay up late tonight because he’s set to perform on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” tonight. 

Source: Chris Stapleton

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