Dierks Bentley's Board Confirmation

Dierks Bentley was nominated to serve as part of the Metro Nashville Airport Authority board, which overseas the Nashville airport. Well, his nomination has officially been confirmed.

“I’m honored to get a chance to sit on this board and oversee some of the growth,” he says, “and try to make this airport as friendly as possible to all our fans that travel here to come and watch the concerts and obviously all of the commerce and business folks, as well.” 

And flying is a big part of Dierks’ life. In fact, he admits he probably couldn’t continue his crazy schedule if it wasn’t for air travel. He notes that flying makes it easier for him and his band to juggle their career and family. He adds it makes them “able to go out there and rock those shows even harder knowing that we’re getting as much time at home as we possibly can.”

Source: Dierks Bentley

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