MIT Invents Shape-Shifting Pasta

Thanks to the brilliant minds at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), pasta that changes shapes is now a thing. Their Media Lab conceived the idea for their shape-shifting semolina as a way to help lower the cost of packaging and shipping pasta.

Right now, 67% if the volume of a pasta package is air because of the bulky shapes and sizes of some kinds of pasta, like macaroni. But with these new high-tech noodles, they start out flat and when they come into contact with water, transform into different twisty and curly shapes.

With flat pasta packages, companies could ship more product at a time. And the smaller packages would be more convenient when you’re trying to travel light, like on backpacking trips or in military rations. It’s been successful during testing at high-end restaurants, so we could see it on the shelves at the supermarket in the future.

Source: Foodbeast

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