Man Gets Tattoo Of His Favorite Coffee Chain

Think you're dedicated to your coffee chain of choice? Meet Sam Cooper. The 29-year-old Brit admits he's spent almost $65-hundred on coffee at Costa coffee over the last four years. So when it came time to get his first tattoo, he looked at the coffee cup in his hand and went straight to the tattoo parlor.

"I want to do full sleeves," Cooper explains, "and my main hobbies are cars and music, so they were going to be on those themes, but instead I made a very spontaneous decision."

Cooper's been showing up the fresh coffee cup ink on his arm to the staff at his local Costa and he says "it's quite clear that some people can't believe I've done it. I think some people think, 'why on earth would you do that?'" 

Cooper is already considering getting another tattoo...of a big bacon sandwich. 

Source: Mirror 

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