Eric Stonestreet: Former Garth Security

Garth Brooks is known to surround himself with great people, and at least one of his former employees went on to become a huge TV star.

“Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet recently shared photos of his experience working security for Garth at a concert back 1995. Eric even showed the pictures to Garth himself when he got a chance to reconnect with him backstage at a recent concert, and Garth signed them for him.

“In 1995 I worked security for a Garth Brooks concert in Manhattan KS,” Eric wrote next to the photos. “Last night I finally got to say you’re welcome for keeping him safe that night and basically giving him the wonderful career he’s had thus far.”

Eric added, “Thank you Garth for the amazing night I had with my #crew slash #squad.” Check out the photo here or below.

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