Midland Warns Of The Dangers Of The Sun

The guys in Midland apparently don’t know how to protect themselves from the sun. Seems they recently spent some time in Pensacola, Florida which resulted in members of the band with a nasty sunburn. 

According to lead singer Mark Wystrach, after spending about six hours in the sun bassist Cameron Duddy and guitarist Jess Carson wound up with sun poisoning. They suffered pretty bad burns, which left them “miserable for seven days after that.”

Things got so bad that Cameron would have to pull his pants down to put aloe on his skin about every hour, and thanks to their team capturing video for social media, a lot of that pantsless behavior wound up online. 

As for what fans should take away from the story, Mark notes, “Sun block. Put your sun block on and don’t try to jump right back into full summer tan in one session.”

Source: Midland

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