Happy S'mores Day!

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  • Bound Brook, New Jersey Presbyterian minister Sylvester Grahamis credited with inventing the graham cracker in 1829. Turns out, the original graham cracker was a health food recommended as part of a diet intended to help suppress sexual desire, which Graham believed to be unhealthy.
  • The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines s’mores as “a dessert consisting usually of toasted marshmallow and pieces of chocolate bar sandwiched between two graham crackers.”
  • The snack was originally called “some mores.”
  • According to The Hershey Company, the company produces more than 373-million milk chocolate bars each year, which is enough to make 746-million s’mores.
  • According to The S’mores Cookbook, Americans buy 90-million pounds of marshmallows every year. It’s estimated that, during the summer, approximately 50 percent of marshmallows sold are roasted for s’mores.
  • If you don’t have access to an open fire, that’s cool – there are still plenty of ways to make s’mores. You can cook ‘em on the grill, in the broiler, with a kitchen torch, in a microwave, or over a gas stove.
  • Restaurants are also trying to capitalize on the dessert’s popularity with some downright unique versions, including martinis, macarons, s’mores French fries, and more.



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