School Cafeteria Offers VIP Pass To Cut Ahead

These days most people are used to paying extra for VIP service at the airport, and even at concerts, but one school has outraged parents with their decision to offer VIP service at, of all places, the school lunch line.

The Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida recently handed out new orientation packets which offered up a chance for kids to cut the school lunch line for an extra $100 a year. The offer was part of the Parent-Teacher-Student-Association sponsorship form, which noted that as part of their fundraising efforts, the PTSA was offering two donating options, $50 for the family or business to get their name on the school website, and $100 for a pass for the kid to cut the cafeteria lunch line.

  • As you can imagine, this offer didn’t sit well with some, and one parent, Chris Stephenson, shared the form on social media, and got a huge response, with some parents suggesting that the pass could result in student bullying.
  • The school’s principal Bryan Andrews insists he was unaware of the fundraising offer by the PTSA and he contacted them about the issue. “Sometimes people make mistakes, I don't think it was anything intentional at all," he said, noting that they thought it was a creative way to fundraise, but adds “it seems like this didn’t pass my desk.”

The president of the PTSA says they had no plans to go ahead with the pass program, and insists it was included in the packet “due to a clerical error,” adding, “our families have been notified this program is not being offered.”

Source: The Daily Mail 

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