Boy Saves Helps Deliver Baby Brother At Home

When Ashly Moreau went into labor early, her 10-year-old son Jayden Fontenot was there to help. The expecting mom was at her Sulphur, Louisiana home and was only 34 weeks along but she realized her new baby was coming quick, and to make it worse, he was breech - meaning he was coming feet first.

Jayden ran next door to his grandmother’s house for help and she called the police, but couldn’t come help deliver the baby. So the brave little boy assisted his mom, who was laying on the bathroom floor in labor and bleeding a lot. He helped deliver his baby brother and even got a nose aspirator to clear his airways so he could breathe.

EMTs arrived soon after and took over. Mom and baby both recovered quickly at the hospital. Doctors say if Jayden hadn’t been there, the baby might not have started breathing on his own and his mom might have bled out during the delivery. So he saved both of their lives!

Source: KPLC

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