Jason Aldean’s Alleged Bad Tip Gets Employee Fired

A restaurant worker in West Virginia claims he was fired over Jason Aldean’s burrito order. In case you missed it, TMZ reports that a worker at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews says he was let go after complaining about a bad tip Jason’s team left on a massive order.

The employee claims that Jason’s crew ordered about $500 worth of burritos but Jason cheaped out on the tip. The worker was so mad he tweeted about it. But that was definitely the wrong move because the employee was fired a few days later.

A Black Sheep manager says tweeting about customers violates company policy, and Jason’s team insists he wasn’t the one who told the restaurant about the tweet, that came from another employee. On top of that, Jason’s rep insists the large take out order “included an appropriate tip.”

Source: TMZ

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