Spend Halloween In Prison

For lots of people Halloween is more about the scares than dressing up and going trick or treating, and if you’re someone who’s really interested in a fright you may want to head to San Francisco for a truly unique experience.

The San Francisco Dungeon is offering the public a chance to spend the night in a reconstructed Alcatraz prison cell on October 30th and 31st. The cell is “authentically reproduced” to make you feel like you are staying in the actual creepy Alcatraz prison, and “prisoners” will get dungeon issued pajamas and midnight snacks, as well as a spooky bedtime story from a Dungeon resident, and breakfast in their cell if they make it through the night.

It’s a first time the company is offering such a spooky package, and all these frights don’t come cheap. Those brave enough to spend the night in jail will have to shell out $666 per person for the experience.

Source: Money

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