Man Takes His Bride On A Bread-Themed Honeymoon

Matt Kemp must be a very persuasive man. The British man has a self professed "addiction" to bread and now he's gotten his wife involved, whether she likes it or not. 

"In 2012, I went from avid consumer to obsessive creator thanks to a bread-making course at a cottage deep in the English countryside," Matt says. "Nights out with friends have been canceled, weekend trips away postponed, as I became a slave to sourdough." 

So when it came time for Matt and his new bride's honeymoon, he says she wanted to go to Fiji. He convinced her to go to San Francisco so he could taste the Bay Area's famous sourdough bread and even meet Chad Robertson, the man behind the city's acclaimed Tartine Bakery.

Sure enough, Matt and his missus made the 5,300-mile trip and sampled plenty of bread. Matt also got to meet Robertson who says, believe it or not, he gets plenty of visitors. "I'm always just hoping it's a good bread day when they show up!" the baker explains. "Every day there's new people. People definitely come from all over and I love it."

Source: SF Gate

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