The Joker Delivers Baby

Brittany Selph's doctor really gets in the holiday spirit. In case you missed it, the pregnant woman showed up to the Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee on Halloween after her water broke. She was greeted by Dr. Paul Locus...who was dressed as The Joker from "The Dark Knight." 

Brittany's husband Justin said the couple "couldn't help but laugh when he walked in the room." Dr. Locus assured the Selphs that they had some time before she was going to give birth so he was going to run home, hand out candy, then come back in his normal clothes. 

Brittany, apparently the world's chillest pregnant woman, told him there was no need to change. In fact, she told Dr. Locus it would be a "pretty cool" story to tell. Sure enough, the costumed doctor delivered littleOaklyn. See pics HERE.

Source: ABC News

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