Another Woman Wins The Lotto Twice In A Day

If you're planning on playing the lotto, it might be worth the trip to buy your scratch-offs in North Carolina. For the second time in three weeks, a woman from the state has won two lotto jackpots in one day

This time around, Michelle Shuffler of Granite Falls won $10-thousand with one scratch-off and $1-million with another, bought 22-miles apart. Shuffler says she and her husband don't normally play the lotto, but he had some extra cash in his pocket. Once they won $10-thousand, they were feeling lucky and decided to buy another one...which was worth the cool million. “It’s quite astonishing" Shuffler adds. "It’s a miracle!”

This comes after Kimberly Morris did almost the exact same thing. She too bought a scratch-off, won $10-thousand, then decided to go for another one. That second card was also worth $1-million. The difference? Shuffler decided 20 payments of $50-thousand a year. Morris took the lump sum and walked away with about $417-thousand after state and federal taxes.

Source: The Charlotte Observer 

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