Likely The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Menu

The American Farm Bureau Federation says a Thanksgiving for 10 people should set you back less than $50, but we all know that’s a pretty unrealistic number. For many people Thanksgiving puts a big dent in their wallet, and if you’re really rich, it could set you back a cool $76,000.

You read that right. The Old Homestead Steakhouse is once again offering the most expensive Thanksgiving “experience” out there. Of course, you’ll get way more than a Butterball turkey at that price tag. According to the restaurant’s executive chef the menu is made from “the most expensive ingredients that we possibly could find from all over the world.” 

So, what exactly will you be eating for $76K? Well, some of the items on the menu include:

  • $100 imported king oysters with an Opus One wine mignonette sauce
  • A plate of $225-per-pound smoked bacon slabs, cured from an imported Japanese black boar, topped with an orange marmalade glaze made from $75 Dekopon oranges
  • Bite-size lollipops made from $475-per-pound Japanese Wygu beef served with a peppercorn au poivre dipping sauce infused with $4,800 Louis XIII cognac
  • $105-per-pound turkey, sourced from a free-range farm in upstate New York, and basted in $17-per-ounce Italian olive oil
  • Whipped sweet potatoes topped with $1,600-per-ounce black caviar from the Caspian Sea
  • Traditional mashed potatoes with $455-per-pound imported Swedish moose cheese
  • Stuffing made from $54-per-pound foie gras, Wagyu beef and sourdough bread
  • Cranberries made with $1,750 French Cabernet Sauvignon reduction, with an extra dash of $1,800 orange liquor.
  • Strawberries dipped in a sabayon cream sauce made with a vintage 1968 Cristal champagne
  • $1,800 special reserve bottle of cognac, and other booze like Cristal, Dom Perignon, Opus One and Silver Oak wines and champagnes, and a 40-year-old port wine

But at Old Homestead you aren’t only paying for the food. They call this a Thanksgiving “experience” because it also includes four tickets to “Hamilton,” with limo service, a two-night luxury suite overlooking New York City's Central Park at the Mandarin Oriental, a $7,500 shopping spree on Fifth Avenue and a watch from Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin that goes for $20,000.

Now just so you know, the meal isn’t $76,000 a person. It does feed ten, but the restaurant only serves the meal to one party each year and this year’s reservation is booked. Well, better luck next year…that is, if you win the lottery.

 Source: CNBC

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