Garth Tells Ellen About Decision To Lip Sync

Garth Brooks stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to promote his newly-released “Anthology” book and he opened up about his decision to lip sync at the CMA Awards, for which he got a lot of flack.

“We did 12 shows in 10 days, and right in the middle of those 12 shows was CMAs. So we went in and did a track for it, just in case the voice was gone,” he explains. “Made a game day decision and played it because we still had seven shows starting the next night in Spokane.” 

He adds, “The truth is, I love award shows. I think they’re sweet. But for me, they’re like the tree is to Christmas—they’re the symbol of it, but they’re not what it’s all about,” noting that his concert audience is more important to him. He adds, “That’s who you want to save your voice for. So we made that decision.” Check out Garth’s interview above, and don't miss Ellen's bad attempt at trying to scare Garth.

  • ONE MORE THING! Garth also stopped by Good Morning America, where he talked about his Thanksgiving plans, with wife Trisha Yearwood. “Miss. Yearwood does ‘misfit’ Thanksgiving,” he says. “It’s people in our industry that are in that town for one reason, and they either don’t have a spouse or they’re stuck there because they’re working with us and can’t go home. So Miss. Yearwood just opens up the house, and you are a lucky person if you sit at her table. Everything she makes is fantastic.” 
    • sure to tune into "The View" tomorrow when Garth stops by to continue the promotion of his new book "Anthology."

Source: Ellen DeGeneres

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