The World’s Most Expensive Cheesecake

The most expensive cheesecake in the world is from Rafele Ristorante in New York City and it’s $5,000. But unlike those gimmicky desserts that cost $10,000 but come with a diamond ring or a trip, this one is so expensive because of the ingredients they use to make it. So when Robert Frank, host of “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” had the chance to try some of this high-end cheesecake, he jumped at the opportunity.

The cheese is far from the silver packs of Philadelphia cream cheese we’ve all used, this stuff comes from water buffalo in Italy and is flown in fresh. And the 200-year-old Hennessy Paradis cognac that costs $2,500 a bottle adds to the price tag too, this cheesecake has about three shots in it, worth around $300. Add in the vanilla beans imported from Madagascar, the Italian white truffles, and sprinkling of gold flakes, and you can see how the price climbs.

Frank admits that $5,000 is an “obscene price for a cheesecake,” but he says it was the best he ever had. And since that five-grand breaks down to $450 a slice, or about $90 a bite, we’ll just have to take his word for it. “With cheesecake - if not with life - richer is better,” he says. “Much better.”

Source: CNBC

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