Stolen Package Returned With Apology Note

When Shawn Kojima was notified a package had been delivered to his Riverton, Utah home but it was nowhere to be found, he checked his doorbell camera. Footage showed one man coming to his door and police advised him to post the video to social media to help identify the person.

Thousands of people shared the video on Facebook and provided possible names of the suspect and even potential sightings of the man in the video. But then the package showed back up on the porch, along with a note from the thief, apologizing for what they did.

“To whom it may concern, I am writing you this letter to apologize for the scumbag move I made the other day,” the letter reads. “When ringing the doorbell, that was not my intentions. I was looking to ask if your vinyl fence was for sale. I do not know what come over me. It will never happen again. Once again I am truly sorry for my inconvenience and selfish ways. If you ever need anything I will be at your service.”

Kojima says he’s not normally a fan of social media, but since it helped get his package returned, he admits something positive came from it.

Source: KSL

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