The World's Largest Christmas Stocking

The town of Sedalia, Missouri has some serious Christmas spirit. Members of the ladies’ sewing group at First Christian Church started on a mega Christmas stocking in October 2016. More than a year later, they've got a record breaker on their hands. 

When the women met to sew, somewhere between 10 and 20 volunteers would lend a hand on only a couple of sewing machines. In the end the stocking measured more than 177-feet-long and 72-feet wide. The previous record holder was Tuscany, Italy, who back in 2011, unveiled a measly 168-foot-long stocking. 

The record breaker is doing some good, too. The stocking is being used to help promote Community Santa, which provided gifts to about 12-hundred local kids this year for Christmas. Check out footage of the unveiling to the right. 

Source: Sedalia Democrat

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