Most And Least Stressful Jobs Of 2018

When you ask most people they’ll probably tell you their work is pretty stressful, but there are some folks whose jobs are way more stressful than others. Well, CareerCast has analyzed things like physical demands, environmental conditions, personal risk and more to determine their 2018 Most Stressful Jobs list and guess what, if you're sitting behind a desk yours isn’t on it.

It’s probably not that surprising to hear that jobs at the top of the list have workers risking their lives on a daily basis. The number one most stressful job is Enlisted Military Personnel, with a stress score of 72.47 out of 100, followed by the somewhat equally risky gig of firefighter, with a stress score of 72.43.

2018 Most Stressful Jobs (Job, score)

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel, Stress Score 72.47
  2. Firefighter, 72.43
  3. Airline Pilot, 62.07
  4. Police Officer, 51.97
  5. Event Coordinator, 51.15
  6. Reporter, 49.90
  7. Broadcaster, 49.83
  8. Public Relations Executive, 49.44
  9. Corporate Executive (Senior), 48.71
  10. Taxi Driver, 48.11

As for the least stressful job, that would be Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, which earns a nice median average salary, has a job growth potential of 17% and earns only a 5.11 stress score.

2018 Least Stressful Jobs (Job, score)

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, 5.11
  2. Hair Stylist, 6.61
  3. Audiologist, 7.22
  4. University Professor, 8.16
  5. Medical Records Technician, 8.54
  6. Compliance Officer, 8.78
  7. Jeweler, 9.05
  8. Pharmacy Technician, 9.14
  9. Operations Research Analyst, 9.17
  10. Medical Laboratory Technician, 10.00

Source: Yahoo Finance

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