New Amazon Supermarket Has No Checkout Lines

Waiting in line to check out has to be one of the worst parts of grocery shopping, but at Amazon’s new supermarket, you can skip all that. The company has just opened their first Amazon Go grocery store in downtown Seattle where you can grab what you want and walk right out without having to deal with a cashier or a checkout line.

You go in through turnstiles and scan your Amazon app to get in and when you leave, you go back through the turnstiles and your Amazon account is charged for your goodies. The technology is called Just Walk Out and it works using hundreds of cameras around the store and a new app you must download to shop there.

The only time a worker stops you before you buy something is to check your ID if you’re getting alcohol. They don’t even have shopping carts or baskets, you just put what you’re buying in the bag you’ll walk out with and go. Leave it to Amazon to make shopping easier!

Source: Delish

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