Want a Good Work-Life Balance? Move to Minnesota

It’s no secret that the days of the nine-to-five job are over, with work constantly seeping into our personal time. Most Americans are struggling to achieve the perfect work-life balance, and according to a new report, where you live may affect whether or not you reach that ultimate goal.

Fit Small Business looked at eight categories that influence a state’s environment, and how that translates into a work life balance. Factors include:

  • Residents' assessment of the quality of life – 15%
  • Well-being index – 15%
  • Residents' economic confidence – 15%
  • Average hours worked per week - 12.5%
  • Average earnings per week - 12.5%
  • Mean commute time to work – 12.5%
  • Cost of living – 10%
  • Percent of residents who feel active and productive – 7.5% 

Overall, the research finds that folks in Minnesota have the best shot at a good work-life balance, with several states in the Midwest, including Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas, making the Top Ten. 

Top Ten States for Work Life Balance


  1. Minnesota
  2. Hawaii
  3. Colorado
  4. Nebraska
  5. Vermont
  6. North Dakota
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Iowa
  9. Montana
  10. South Dakota

Source: Yahoo Finance

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