Royal Bathroom Protocol

If you want to have dinner with the royal family, there are some rules you should know. The most important? If ya gotta let go? You know "use the potty?" Be quiet about it.

According to the "Business Insider," a royal (or their guest) must never “announce their intentions” when getting up to use the restroom. They must simply say “excuse me” and leave. Simple enough, right? But God forbid you still have food on your plate. This is where it gets complicated.

If you haven’t finished eating, you must cross you fork and knife over the plate to signal the wait staff that you’re not finished with your food. But it you have finished, put you silverware at an angle in the bottom right of the plate. To remember all of this, you may as well just wait until dinner is finished to use the bathroom. Just a thought.

Source: Business Insider

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