Mom Gives Birth At State Fair, Gets Lifetime Pass

Kesha Martin and her family were hanging out at the Florida State Fair when all the sudden, her water broke. Martin suddenly had no choice and had the baby right there, but the best part is that the fair had a little gift for her and her newborn.

"I was just like, oh my gosh, I’m going to have my baby at the fair," Martin says. "That’s the only thing that was coming through my head. I just wanted her to be healthy." She ended up giving birth on the main fairway near the event, but Hillsborough County deputies were able to help her husband Lavaron Robinson deliver baby Lyric successfully.

What’s more is that when her family returned to the fair on Valentine’s Day, they were given a gift basket and tickets for life by the fair’s Executive Director Cheryl Flood. Deputies Robert Ramirez and Henry Echenique, who helped deliver Lyric, were also there to present them the gift.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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