Solved: 60 Year Old Message In A Bottle Mystery

Kent Howlett and his father Jack found a bottle containing a message on an Australian beach 60 years ago. The message, which was written by a man named  Billy Hare and mentioned the Hare family, included a menu of a voyage from Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand.

Kent says his father searched for the Hare family but had no luck finding them and the message was forgotten in a drawer ever since. But through social media, Kent was able to contact Lindy Hare, daugher of William “Billy” Hare and Kent took to Facebook to announce the two would be meeting up soon and exchange stories surrounding the mystery message in a bottle. Lindy says her father died in 2013, but she still has photos from their trip to New Zealand.

Turns out Billy had an incredible life. Besides his link to the message in a bottle, he was Australia’s first radiology professor who brought about the country’s first ultrasound, angiograms and breast screenings.

As for what to do with the message in a bottle, Kent wants to leave that up to Lindy. "I'll leave it to her whether she wishes to keep them herself or, if not, perhaps it's museum fodder," Kent says. "It certainly would be unfortunate to see it in the back of a drawer for another 50 years.”

Source: UPI

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