VIDEO: Dad Makes His “Bully” Son Run To School

One Virginia boy is facing some tough love from his father who’s making him run to school after he was caught bullying. Bryan Thornhill’s son was suspended from the bus for three days for bullying so he decided to teach his son a lesson by making him run to school instead, even in the rain.

Thornhill posted a Facebook Live video of him driving behind his son while he ran to school, making sure to stress that he does not tolerate bullying. He even included some parenting tips for his more than 1.6-million viewers. In the background you can hear Thornhill joke that his son will “either be fast or obedient, but we’re working on fast.”

Thornhill filmed all three mornings of his son running and by the third day he jumped in on the action too. He and the boy’s sister tried running with him, but by the third day the boy left his father in the dust.

Source: Bryan Thornhill

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