Love Is More Important Than Money To Most People

To say that money never plays a role in a person’s love life is probably naïve, but according to a new poll it is far from the most important thing.

A survey of 2,000 Americans finds that 78% of folks believe finding love is more important than being wealthy, with 33% saying the opposite. In fact, when it comes to traits they are looking for in a partner, while 57% say honesty is important, only 9% say financial security is. 

Once folks are actually in a relationship, money is a whole other issue. The poll finds that 54% of people say money is the biggest stressor in their relationship, a bigger issue than communication (26%), work (7%), in-laws (7%), and children (6%).

While you'd think there may be issues if one spouse is making more than the other, that doesn't seem to be the case.  Overall, 54% of people say they don’t care who brings home the bigger paycheck, but 49% of people say that the person making more money shouldn’t have more say in financial decisions. What’s more, 89% of people believe they need to consult with their partner before any financial decision.

Source: Crossroads Today

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