Ladies And Gentlemen, The Whopper Dog

A guide dog’s duties include leading its owner across the street, comforting them, and sniffing out Whoppers? Well, at least that’s what British hockey player Nathan Tree has taught his guide dog, Flynn to do. Tree is one of two legally blind hockey players in the U.K and since he travels a lot for games, he needs Flynn’s help locating his favorite food wherever his team takes him. In this case, that's Burger King's Whopper.

“When you travel, it's hard to find something to eat. I didn’t really know if it was possible, I just thought it was a cool idea,” he jokes. “Whopper dog!” Believe it or not, it only took Flynn 15 days to be trained to identify the burger. According to trainers, it’s “incredibly easy” to teach dogs to detect scents.

Burger King has documented the training in a newly released video that shows Tree gearing up for a trip to Paris, while Flynn learns how to spot the Whopper. Though its not certain if the ad is legit or not, Flynn does end up using his sniffer to lead Tree to the nearest Burger King for a tasty Whopper.

Source: Burger King

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