Celeb Obsession Could Lead To Mental Health Issues

Right now the world is going crazy over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, but could some be taking their obsession too far? Maybe. If that's you, psychiatrist Sue Varma warns that it could lead mental problems down the road.

Varma says that what may seem like innocent fandom over the royals, could slowly intensify raising red flags about the person’s mental health. “I absolutely don’t have a problem with somebody having an obsession with the royal family,” Varma explains. “It’s the lack of other activities...the fact that you’re taking away time from something else. Is this time that you could have been spending with your kids? Is this time you could be talking with your partner?”

She goes on to say that relationships with other people and your own body image can suffer when you're obsessing over celebrities. Varna adds, “This is a problem when you’re living in a fantasy world at the expense of creating real relationships.” So basically...have your fun and know your limits.

Source: Reuters

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