Purple Hamburger? Anyone?

The latest food craze may have you in a purple haze. Literally. Tama, a Filipino restaurant in Brooklyn, New York recently offered a hamburger with a purple bun.

The bun doesn't get its coloring from Barney blood - it's actually from something called an ube [[OO-bay]], which us a purple yam popular in Filipino dishes. If the purple bun isn't enough to whet your appetite, maybe the fact that it's smothered in chili-garlic hot sauce and chili aioli and then topped with a fried egg might do it.

And let's not forget that the patty is made of sisig — a Filipino dish that consists of chopped pig head and liver, citrus and chili pepper (the owner says it tastes like deep fried charcuterie). The burger cost $8.50 and if it proves popular could remain on the menu.

Source: New York Post

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