You Can Tell A Narcissist By Their Eyebrows?

We’ve all met narcissists, and some of us probably have a few in our lives. But it isn’t always easy to tell whether someone is one until you really get to know them, and by then it's probably too late. Well, a new study finds it may not actually be that hard to identify a narcissist, and all you have to do is look at their eyebrows.

The study, published in the "Journal of Personality," had subjects look at the faces of folks across the narcissistic spectrum, and most of them were able to identify ones just by the picture. And they were also pretty good at picking them out based soley on their eyebrows. 

So, what type of eyebrows do narcissists have? Well, subjects noted femininity, grooming and distinctiveness, when identifying them, but more specifically, they noted that narcissists usually have darker, thicker and more distinctive eyebrows. The study even used photoshop to put the narcissists’ eyebrows on other people and the eyebrows were still considered identifying features.

Source: Business Insider

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