Deaf And Blind Fan Experiences World Cup Game

Soccer fans around the globe have been watching the World Cup, but Carlos Junior of Brazil had a unique way to follow his team’s success on the field. Junior is deaf and blind, so he experienced the match with the help of interpreters using touch communication and a model soccer field to follow the passes, goals, and fouls of the Brazilian team as they played.

Junior put his hands on the interpreter’s and one hand represents the ball, the other the player who has the ball and the interpreter moves his hands around the model field to show the action. And another interpreter draws on Junior’s back to communicate which team and which player (by tracing his number) has the ball.

A video of Junior enjoying Brazil’s game against Costa Rica has gone viral and moved many soccer fans. "The moment you do this, you show that a deaf and blind person is the same as any other person," Junior, who communicates with tactile sign language, says of the video.

Source: Miami Herald

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