The Air Force/Red Bull "Mishap"

Red Bull does not give the Air Force wings. The "Military Times" just released a huge database of aviation mishaps that span from 2011 through last year. The eagles eyes at “The War Zone” found a crazy incident that happened, and naturally shared it.

Last June, an MC-12W Spy Plane was on a training mission in Florida and a co-pilot grabbed a Red Bull from his backpack. Before he could open it, the can exploded and the drink went everywhere. Now keep in mind, those planes are loaded with high tech controls and equipment. Picture you spilling an entire drink on your keyboard and magnify that by 100.

The co-pilot mopped up what he could, but they smelled an odor and had to return to base. Fixing the jet cost 113-thousand dollars! That’s about seven-thousand bucks per ounce of the energy drink. The military has now developed a 12-hundred dollar mug to keep this stuff from happening.

Source: The War Zone

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