Millennials Don’t Really Know Their Neighbors

While a lot of us pick neighborhoods to live in with strong communities in order to make new friends and feel like we belong, a new survey reveals that isn’t necessarily on the minds of most Millennials.

According to a new CNote poll, 64% of Millennials say they feel disconnected to their community, with 51% saying they simply don’t have enough time to participate in community events, as opposed to only 33% of non-Millennials who say the same.

But time isn’t the only excuse for not connecting with their community, with 27% saying they simply don’t know how, and another 22% saying it’s because they aren’t friends with anyone in their neighborhood.

But it’s not that they don’t want to know their neighbors. The truth is 69% say they wish they participated in their community more, while only 54% of non-Millennials say that.

  • And it’s not like they aren’t connected to any sort of community, with many staying connected through an online community. The poll finds that 43% feel strongly connected to their online community as opposed to an offline one, with 34% finding the online community more convenient, and 26% saying they feel more comfortable with it.

Source: New York Post

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