Convicted Murderer Running For Senate Seat

Talk about taking advantage of a loophole in our system of government.  A prison inmate serving a life term for two murders is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota, and it's legal.  Seems Minnesota won't allow inmates to run for state-level offices, but they can run for federal office.  Inmate Leonard Richards is very aware of this loophole.

Richards, 75, was convicted of killing his half-sister in 1982, and of fatally shooting his lawyer in 1987. What's even scarier is that Richards has run before and received votes.  He ran for a Democratic congressional seat in 1992 and received more than 14,500 votes. He ran again in 1994, getting more than 4,000 votes.

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office says that despite his unspeakable acts, the courts have ruled that their agency cannot prohibit a felon or even a prisoner, from filing an affidavit of candidacy.  

Source: New York Post

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