Missing Stuffed Animal Found In Landfill

When three-year-old Madison left her stuffed bunny in a Publix shopping cart, her mom, Jenna Rachal, called the Daphne, Alabama supermarket to see if it had been turned in. Her daughter’s toy hadn’t been found, so she turned to Facebook for help.

Store manager Mike Gayhart saw Jenna’s post and got to work trying to find Madison’s bunny. He tracked their movements on security cameras, from the store to the parking lot, and saw the the bunny was thrown away and went to a trash compactor before being dumped in a garbage truck and driven to a landfill.

But instead of telling the toddler that her stuffed friend was gone forever, Gayhart and three other employees went to the landfill and dug around until they located that bunny. Then he took it home and washed it three times before returning the bunny to Madison, who is delighted to have it back and doesn’t think it stinks at all after it’s stint in the trash.

Now Rachal is planning to call the Publix corporate offices to tell them how far their employees went to help her family out. “Such kindness above and beyond for their customers and community,” she says. “Awesome people deserve to be recognized.”

Source: WSBTV

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