Not Actual Hit Man Website

The owner of a website called says he is unintentionally attracting the attention of people who want to have someone else killed.

“The original intention of the domain was for information and technology purposes,” explains owner Bob Innes, “Rent as in hire us. Hit as in web hit, and men, well the group of us.” Over the years, Innes received more and more troubling inquiries about renting hitmen. He says that one email from a man in Los Angeles said, “Kill two people I hate and take the car keys and deliver the car to me.” Another from New England offered the wallet of the slain targets in lieu of payment. He’s also received inquiries from people seeking jobs as hitmen.

Innes says that when the request seems to be serious, he offers to contact a “field operative” for them, “field operative” being his codeword for law enforcement.

Source: ABC13

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