Women’s-Only Island Vacation Spot

We bet there are plenty of women out there who sometimes wish they could get away from men for a little while, and there’s now an island where you an do just that.

Last month something called SuperShe Island opened off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea, and as the name suggests it is for women only. The retreat consists of four renovated cabins, that can accommodate about 10 women, along with spa amenities and Finnish saunas.

And the island is more than just about getting away from men. Guests can enjoy yoga, meditation, fitness classes and more. There are talks from motivational speakers, cooking and nutrition classes, and farm-to-table dining, with a Paleo-friendly menu. But, in addition to lack of men, there is also no alcohol allowed on the island.

  • If this sounds great to you, know that a visit isn’t cheap and the booking process is selective. A week-long stay will set you back about $4,680, and guests have to actually apply for a spot, and explain why they want to visit. “The stories that impress me are authentic, come from the heart,” island owner Kristina Roth says. “They’re honest. They’re putting their cards on the table.”

Source: USA Today

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