Smartphone As Important As Food And Water For Some

Most people these days just can’t live without their phones, and a new survey finds that our devices are just as essential as water and food are to some people.

Asurion just released their 2018 Consumer Tech Dependency Survey, revealing that 97% of people think Americans are addicted to their devices, but surprisingly only 59% of people think they themselves are addicted.

People are so addicted that 70% say they have their phone within reach when sleeping, which goes up to 88% for Millennials. As for how long people could live without their phone, all generations report that the most they could go is one day, which is shockingly the same amount of time they say is the maximum they could go without food and water.

  • Our addiction to our phone is so bad that 32% of married couples say they check their phone the first thing when they get up, while only 10% kiss their spouse when they wake up. And in a gross statistic, 23% of folks say they have taken a business call in the bathroom, with that number going up to 31% for Millennials, with 38% of that generation saying they’ve dropped their phone in the toilet. 

Source: Market Watch

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