Garth Brooks Makes Surprise Appearance

It isn’t often you see Garth Brooks play at a bar these days, but that’s exactly what happened late last week when the singer decided to stop by Tootsie’s in Nashville.

Local singer-songwriter Andy Gibbons was performing at the bar and while he was singing Garth’s “That Summer” he popped in to help him out. They went on to perform Brooks' "Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)" as well.

Gibbons said he “did a double take” when he realized it was Garth singing along with him. "The crowd was going crazy, I was going crazy, the band members were in complete awe,” he tells The Boot. As for how the whole thing happened, Gibbons notes, “As far as I know, he was just walking by and heard his song being played," adding that Garth was "such a genuinely nice person," and "such a humble and kind man." Check out a bit of the performance to the right.

Source: The Boot

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