The Craziest State Fair Foods Of 2018

Summer is coming to a close, which means it’s state fair time across the country. Carnival cuisine isn’t known for focusing on nutrition, but it’s always fun to see what fun creations they’ve come up with at the fair. Here are some of the craziest options at state fairs this summer.

Colorado State Fair & Rodeo - Deep-Fried Chiles. Head to Pueblo August 24th through September 3rd for these spicy local delicacies - pueblo chiles fried in liquid batter with cheddar cheese and ranch dipping sauces.

Indiana State Fair - Double-Decker Donut Burger. This is the thing to try in Indianapolis from August 3rd to 19th. The monstrosity is three glazed doughnuts, two beef patties topped with American cheese, bacon, and mac-and-cheese, perfect for fair food.

Iowa State Fair - Cookie Dough “Spaghetti.” They’re serving up this deceptive dessert in Des Moines from August 9th to 20th and it’s made of noodle-shaped strands of cookie dough drizzled with strawberry sauce and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate-hazelnut “meatball.”

Kansas State Fair - Cheesy Bacon Pork Rinds on a Stick. If mozzarella and cheddar cheese coated in bacon bits and crushed pork rinds, then deep fried to create the meaty cheese stick of your dreams sounds good, get to Hutchinson, Kansas between September 7th and 16th.

Minnesota State Fair - Rainbow Cloud Roll. They’re all about the unicorn food trend up in St. Paul with this treat. Pick your ice cream combo - strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and something called “Superman” - then it gets coated in fruity cereal and rolled in cotton candy, like a burrito. Available from August 23rd to September 3rd.

Great New York State Fair - The “Heart Attack.” Come on down to Syracuse between August 22nd to September 3rd for this new fair offering with the perfect name. It’s two Hoffman hot dogs stuffed with cheese and chili, wrapped in bacon, deep fried, topped with cheddar cheese sauce, chocolate sauce, jalapeños and Hershey’s chocolate!

Source: People

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