Man Spends $12,000 On Rabbit Suits

Adrian “Keel” James may be a mechanic, but on weekends, you’ll find him hopping around the streets of Pembrokeshire, Wales… literally. You see, James has spent $12-grand on six-foot rabbit fursuits to become his alter bunny ego.

“I know typical mechanics don’t go home and dress up as a big furry bunny rabbit,” he says. "But it’s my favorite thing to do." James explains that his obsession with bunnies started when he was young and had some rabbit stuffed animals, and he hasn’t shaken it since. He says he gets some criticism from people, but other times people love it and want to take pictures with him – most importantly, his family accepts his lifestyle.

“When I go to events with other friends who also dress up, I feel like we’re part of a tight-knit community and I feel really confident,” he adds. The hobby may make him happy but it doesn’t come cheap. When it comes to shelling out extra cash for fursuits and other rabbit merchandise, James says “there’s no limit on how much I’ll spend on my obsession.”

Source: Metro

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