Husband Doesn’t Notice Wife Fell Overboard

It was all smooth sailing for a Rhode Island couple during their day-long trip at sea, but things got a little cloudy when the wife had to be rescued after falling overboard. Sounds like your typical rescue, but the thing is, the husband didn’t even notice she was gone.

The Coast Guard and the Bristol Fire Department’s marine unit rescued the woman after responding to a call at around 4am from a local claiming to hear a woman calling for help. According to to the husband, the last time he even saw his wife was in the afternoon, hours before she was rescued. He assumed she had gone below deck, but really she had fallen off the deck of the 39-foot boat.

Police are still investigating what the real story is, but the Boston Globe reports that the husband had been drinking. As for the wife, she was found suffering mild hypothermia and refused medical treatment.

Source: NY Post

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