Dog Owners Who Love Their Pets More Than Family

Sunday is National Dog Appreciation Day and let’s face it, for dog owners, EVERY day is dog appreciation day. Most pet parents will tell you they treat their pooch like family, and it seems for a lot of people, it is the member of the family they love the most.

A new survey by WAG! finds that 38% of people say their dog is the person they show the most love and attention to in their household, with only 31% saying it’s their kids and 23% choosing their significant other. What’s more, dogs are a lot of people’s main source of comfort, with 44% of those polled saying they turn to their pooch to make them feel better when they are sad or angry, while only 34% say they turn to their spouse or significant other. 

And it probably isn’t much of a surprise to find out that dog parents can go to extremes when it comes to expressing their love for their pooch. For example: 

  • One third of pet owners say they would consider getting a tattoo for their dog, with paw prints the top choice (44%), followed by a pet portrait (27%) and pet names (26%).
  • 25% of dog owners will throw their pooch a birthday party, while 60% will purchase birthday gifts, and 88% will give them a special treat or meal.
  • 19% of dog parents have purchased some sort of technology to spy on their dogs throughout the day.

Source: BizJournals

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