Mom Spends Thousands To Match Her Daughter

Every mother loves their kids… but not every mom dresses like them, too. Yesenia Medina, a makeup artist from La Puente, California, on the other hand, has spent thousands of dollars to make sure she’s always twinning with her daughter Kiki.

Medina not only shops around for mini-versions of her own looks, she also handmakes outfits for her 10-year-old daughter when she can’t find them on the rack. She doesn’t even know how much she’s spent over the years on the habit. “It must be in the thousands, but I’ve made about 20 of Kiki’s outfits myself, which has made things cheaper,” she notes.

Since they snap pics of the matching outfits for social media, the fashionista mom adds that they won’t be caught in the same outfit twice. Instead, they clean out their closets every six months and give the old outfits away to charity or family members.

  • BY THE WAY! Just because her daughter dresses just like mom doesn’t mean she’ll be caught in something inappropriate. “I would never put Kiki in anything age-inappropriate,” Medina says. “Luckily we have similar styles anyway. We’re both very girly, although she is edgier.”

Source: Daily Mail

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