Science: Bear Spit To The Rescue

Scientists think they’ve found an unlikely cure to a lethal strain of staph called MRSA – bear spit. Research shows that some bear saliva contains an antibiotic that can destroy the deadly bacteria.

Scientists conducted their research by capturing a group of Siberian brown bears and taking saliva samples. To get a little scientific, they found the antibiotic Ami (aka Amicoumacin A), which they says can destroy the MRSA staph strain. With MRSA developing a resistance to common antibiotics in the past decade, this is truly a groundbreaking discovery.

A professor from the Russian Academy of Sciences explains that the discovery sheds light on wild animals’ ability to “thrive while surrounded by aggressive microorganisms.” This type of research, according to him, is promising when it comes to finding and developing new antibiotics from nature.

Source: Mirror

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